Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting College

I know I’ve already talked to you guys about my first-year college experience but there a several other things that I didn’t get the chance to mention. If you have no idea what I’m talking about this is your sign to read the post. For my first-year college girlies, this post is a gem for you. I know somethings may seem repetitive from what people tell you about college but it’s true. I mean you made it here, so you’ll find out soon enough.

Now I present you, 22 things I wish I knew before starting college:

  1. Forget every movie you’ve seen about college. That ain’t real.
  2. You will make mistakes, but you will always learn from them.
  3. You will get A LOT of “free stuff”: t-shirts, food, water bottles, etc.
  4. All of the people you meet the first two weeks probably won’t be your “best friends” anymore, maybe two or three of them could be!
  5. Sit in the front of your lecture hall classes.
  6. Let go of the past and be the best version of you.
  7. The Freshmen 15 is not a joke! (I’m serious 😭)
  8. Your roommate does not have to be your best friend.
  10. A test can kill your grade and there are minimal amounts of extra credit.
  11. Every once in a while, it’s okay to stay in on a Saturday night and spend time with yourself.
  12. By mid-semester you’ll be wanting to use a coupon for everything. Let’s face it, we’re broke!
  13. It’s okay to switch your major or career aspirations
  14. It’s also okay not to major biology, chemistry, or double major in biomedical engineering with a minor in physics. (nah, cuz who about to do that? More power to those who are. Much respect to you✊🏽)
  15. You made into college which means you can succeed, and you will. Don’t ever give up!
  16. Ask for help when you need it!
  17. Not all of your professors are, a-holes. Take time to get know the ones that aren’t.
  18. You may or may not get homesick.
  19. High school is NOT college, which means those same tricks like finishing an assignment the before and expecting a decent grade. Not gonna work anymore.
  20. And don’t even think you’re gonna pass that exam without studying at least three weeks in advance.
  21. Your syllabus is your guide to every course you take. It can help you or it can kill you.
  22. You are about to embark on a journey that will be terrifying, exciting, and downright unpredictable.

special credits to gabby in the city for inspiring this post.

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