The ‘Minimalist Girl’ Notion Template πŸ–€




Introducing the only minimal Notion template you’ll ever need to organize all your college courses, assignments, to do lists, & much more!

Align with what you truly want in life with my beautifully made template that I created for college girlies who love clean, clutter-free organization. This template brings you the power of Notion to your fingertips in the most elegant way possible.

Who is this for?

  • You want to stay organized as you reach your goals.

  • You want to align your daily actions with your true authentic self.

  • You want to stay on track with all of school, work, and club commitments.

So, what are you waiting for…

Unlock the potential of Notion with the ‘Minimalist Girl’ Notion Template. Elevate your digital workspace and simplify your life today.

What this download includes…

  • a link to access the Notion template.
  • a link to Canva to access the (fully customizable) aesthetic graphics used in the template.
  • Extra details to ensure a beautiful aesthetic outcome!


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