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Hi! My name is Raegan and I’m a blogger/content creator from Atlanta, Georgia. I first explored my love for content creation and blogging during the COVID-19 pandemic. I was just a girl posting inspirational quotes and writing about topics that I enjoyed. One thing led to another, and I was soon blessed with over 2k followers.

As I have reached this huge milestone in my career, I have decided that it was time for my content to go in a different direction. Since I graduated high school in 2022 (which is the best class btw lol) and was attending university in the fall of that year. I wanted to share my college experience with my audience and hopefully relate to those who were going through the same circumstances.

For the College Girl is a platform that created as a safe space for the girls. While going through my first year, I realized that being in college is hard. There are so many life lessons and real-world problems that hit you all at once: relationships, friendships, situationships, self-doubt, mental health, lack of funds or resources, etc. Overall, it’s a lot to take in especially just leaving high school. My goal for this platform is to be resource for you, whenever you need it. If you don’t get anything from my content, I want you to at least know that you are not alone.


Instagram: @raegananiyahh, @FORTHECOLLEGE GIRL

Twitter: @theraegananiyah

PINTEREST: @raegananiyahh

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