A College Girl’s Guide to: Slaying Finals Week!

I honestly can’t even believe that I’m writing this post for you guys. I feel like the semester only just started last month but girlies, I’m afraid to say that we are quickly approaching finals week for the Fall 2023 semester. I realize that finals week is where multiple mental breakdowns occur so… to change that for my fellow college girlies, I am going to present to you all the best tips that’ll have ready to absolutely slayyy your final exams. If you want to be that girl, then keep reading! 💁🏽‍♀️

TIP #1: Make a game plan.

Planning out your day and your study is essential part of being a college student and especially to acing your finals. I know that this may seem a little bit over the top for most people, but I promise this alleviates some of the stress that I would rather not have in my life. Something that I use to help me plan out my day/week/month for my exams, assignments, extracurriculars, etc. is my Minimalist Girl Notion Planner. She is my right-hand man every single semester and she hasn’t let me down, yet! Go check her out!

TIP #2: Take breaks.

Giving yourself time to relax and do things that you enjoy is just as important as your academic and social life. This can include anything from face masks, watching old tv shows, and my personal favorite: taking naps.

TIP #3: Take advantage of office hours.

I know it may seem scary, but your professors want to see you succeed. Even though I know we all get those professors that are just complete a-holes but I still suggest trying to show effort to show that you care about your success in the course. If office hours are never in your time frame, emails are also a good way to get your questions answered and to understand the class material better.

TIP #4: Study with classmates.

Studying with fellow classmates can be a great way to understand the course material much more. It can be scary to initiate studying with someone you don’t know but nine times of the ten y’all are both in the same boat and have one goal: passing the course!

I will say it definitely works for me especially if I’m with people who understands the class better than I do. Sometimes study groups can be a bit distracting if you’re talking more than studying but with the perfect balance it can be very beneficial!

TIP #5: Go to Sleep.

Whatever you do…do not, I repeat, do not pull an all nighter (especially the night before the exam). Sleep is the most important thing that you can ever prioritize as a college student. Of course, work and studying needs to get done but it should never be to the point where it’s costing you, your rest. Something that I’ve implemented this year was a bedtime. I know it sounds childish but it’s essential especially if you have morning classes.

TIP #6: Treat yo’ self at the end.

Trust me girl, all the hard work that you’ve put in these next few weeks will be well worth it!  To make this part of your week even sweeter than it already will be, I recommend setting a goal or making a promise to yourself at the beginning of the week for a way to treat yourself at the end of the week.

That could look like anything from buying yourself a nice meal from Chick-fil-A or taking a trip to Jenni’s Ice Cream. You can also pledge to buy yourself something new form your favorite online site. I have my eyes on my cart from PLT that’s been there for over two months! 😭

Girlies, I wish you all luck on your finals in the coming weeks. I just know in my heart that ya’ll are going to completely slayy them like the dragons they are. Leave a comment below about how you prepare for the finals season! 🍂


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