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Back again babes!

Yup you guess another #hertalk for the celebration of women’s month. I am so excited about this talk. I’ve actually been wanting to have this person featured on the blog for quite some time and after finally getting the courage to ask…what do you know we’re having her featured on today’s blog post.

Ladies, please welcome: Dash SLC or also known as just SLC.

SLC is an advice guru on her growing Instagram acount:@dash.slc. Now I know what you’re thinking, who is SLC? Let me tell I wondered the same thing myself but after having her explain in her website bio, it’s actually a really touching and relatable. SLC shares that when she journals she always ends it with signing her initials. Dash SLC has grown into an amazing platform that fixates on the self-love, growth, and self-discovery. Her page radiates ” THAT GIRL VIBES” . Another awesome thing is that she has created a feature on her site called, “ Ask SLC ” . This featured is used to connect SLC with followers ( anonymously ) by giving them advice on anything that they need.

Now that we have a little background on Dash SLC, let’s hear from the glo girl herself:

Question #1: Explain your creation of Dash SLC ?

SLC: ” I’ve been interested in personal growth/self-development since I can remember. I remember googling stuff like ‘how to be more confident?’ ‘How to change my personality, ‘How to make more friends’ etc., when I was only like 10-11. The thought of transforming myself into my ‘dream girl’ has been with me since I was an adolescent. So, with that, I knew that I wanted to create something to not only uplift women/girls, but also to uplift myself. I’m on my self-level journey just like many of us women are, and I want to be able to be in a space where we can learn, grow, and be celebrated. That’s what Dash SLC is to me. “

Question #2: What’s the story behind creating your ” ask slc” feature on your site?

SLC: ” ‘ASK SLC’ is something that I thought of even before I created my actual Instagram page. I love giving advice and everyone always seemed to come to me for it. My friends would always tell me that my emotional intelligence is really high (the best compliment ever) and that I always give advice from an unbiased standpoint. So, I figured why not help other people. Everyone needs a little support or advice sometimes and it’s not always easy to go to people you know. That’s where I want ‘ASK SLC’ to come in. Especially why I made sure it’s anonymous too because sometimes we can feel a lil embarrassed by our issues/dilemmas; I wanted to make sure people know it’s a no-judgment zone.”

Question #3: We love the name ” Dash SLC”. How did you come up with it?

SLC: ” So the creation of my name was actually so random. I didn’t know what to name my page seeing as I knew i didn’t want to necessarily link it to my personal account (i love to move in silence lol). However, I still wanted it to mean something to me. So, one day I was literally writing in my journal, and I always end my journal entries with ‘-SLC’, aka my initials, just to make note that I’m the one who wrote what I wrote, and it literally just popped in my head. To me, this page was going to be like a virtual ‘diary’, so why not name it what I’ve ended every single one of my journal entries; dash (-) SLC. So yeah, that’s literally what Dash SLC stands for, my initials and commemoration to my journal entries.”

Question #4: What does your day to day morning routine look like?

SLC: ” Girl, I’m not gonna lie to y’all, my morning routine isn’t where it should be at. I’m such a night person that by the time I sleep its almost 3 am… meaning by the time I wake up… it’s not as early as I want it to be. I’m definitely trying to incorporate a better schedule, especially because I promote healthy routines/habits, so I can’t be a hypocrite out here. The main issue is that I get all my content creating juices at night. It’ll literally be 2 am and I’ll get a content idea and just work on it until I feel like it’s perfect. Again, that’s something I’m going to work on, but once I get my ideal routine out, I’ll give y’all all the details.”

Question #5: What has been the most rewarding part about being an advice guru?

SLC: ” Omg there’s so many good things about being an advice guru. It’s so rewarding knowing that I’m helping at least one person with something that they’re going through. I get so many dm’s from girls telling me how they love the page or how I’ve helped them through a hard time, and it puts the biggest smile on my face. That’s really what I’m here for, helping out the girls. We need to be each other’s support system in a world that literally tries to tear us apart.”

Question #6: What are your thoughts on being “ that girl” trend and do you see yourself achieving that on a daily basis?

SLC: ” I love the whole ‘IT GIRL/ THAT GIRL’ movement because it displays us girls being unapologetically US. The world tries to humble women, ESPECIALLY black women, so I love the fact that we are out here respectfully bragging about ourselves. I love to see it. In terms of myself, I do embody that energy on the daily. I’ve been humbled and timid for so long, for no reason. I’ve learned to really take up my space and be THAT GIRL (aka the girl who I’ve always envisioned myself being). The journey isn’t even close to being over though, so I can’t wait to see how much more I evolve.”

Question #7: What is your definition of self-love?

SLC: ” Simple, self-love to me is unconditionally loving oneself. Regardless of the past, regardless of what other people think, regardless of the insecurities. It’s about being able to feel thankful for being you and not wanting to be anyone else. It’s about putting yourself first, no matter what. “

Question #8: What is some advice that you have for young women still trying find themselves but just don’t know where to start?

SLC: ” My advice to young women trying to find themselves, is to enjoy the journey. I believe ‘finding yourself’ is a lifelong journey that may not ever have an end. Be patient with where you’re at, and excited for where you’re going to be. Focus on yourself and ignore what other people are doing. Don’t think that you have to have it all figured out by tomorrow because you don’t. No one does, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Keep growing and Glo’ing girl! “

Rae’s Response to SLC:

Hey girl! I’m happy that you have decided to do is and I thank you for that. I just want to say I think you are doing an amazing job with your content and your whole advice guru thing. It’s truly amazing. I love how your whole reason for doing is for other girls who maybe are having a hard time and you’re helping them through it. That just shows how authentic your page really is. I also wanted to add that I can totally relate to not having a full thought out mornings routine. I’m just like you when it comes to staying up late and creating content. Once I think of something I can’t let it go, it’s definitely passion I feel when I get that way and I’m sure it’s the same for you. Another I love is how unique your account name is how you came up with, it’s very creative. I think you are going to continue to inspire hundreds/thousands of other women in the future and I can’t wait to see all the places that Dash SLC takes you.

Much love,


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