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Happy Friday, babes! We are back again this week with another #hertalk feature and let me tell you this is gonna be a good one.

Today we have the pleasure of featuring Andrea Kovacevic owner of the amazing Instagram account @herempire and @herempirelifestyle. I followed @herempire back in 2020 when the pandemic began, (kind of when I first started my account) when I first discovered her page, I immediately fell in love with her “bad bitch vibes” content. Still till this day her content and inspiring quotes are top tier. She kind of inspired me to keep going with my page because I had dreams of building an authentic community of women. It’s crazy because I believe she only had either between 10k-20k followers back when I started following her and I am amazed to see how much she has grown to 55k followers and launching her successful business. Me and her have connected really well on Instagram and have supported each other’s pages throughout these last couple of years. Don’t we love boss babes supporting one another!

Speaking of: Please go support this amazing boss babe with her business: https://herempirelifestyle.com/

Now that we have a little background of mine and Andrea’s history let’s get to know her and she created her successful business:

Question #1: Explain your creation of Her Empire

Andrea: ” Her Empire was created during the pandemic. It’s a page all about women empowerment. It’s to inspire women to go after the life they want! It’s all possible with the right mindset. “

Question #2: What’s the story behind creating your business, Her Empire Lifestyle?

Andrea: ” I was going through a very hard time during the pandemic as I guess everyone was. I was going through a very bad breakup along with so many other changes happening in my life. I fell into a very dark place and decided it was time to stop playing victim. I wanted to gain my power back. I’ve always been big on self development and levelling up in any way I can. This is where her empire was born. I decided to make her empire as a way of not only inspiring others but being an inspiration for myself during a hard time.”

Question#3: What is HerEmpire’s mission?

Andrea: ” Her Empire’s mission is to inspire women all around the world. Show women that anything is possible with the right mindset you can and will achieve anything you want. “

Question #4: What does your day to day morning routine look like?

Andrea: ” My morning routine is always different. I tend to wake up at around 9-10 am. I love to journal in the morning and go over the plan I set the night before for my day. I make sure I always do my bed! I feel like this sets my day and I feel like I have my life together. I make sure I have a big breakfast, maybe even a protein shake. I take my vitamins. I’ve also been trying to meditate but I sometimes forget. Something I think is very important and will definitely be incorporating in my daily routine. “

Question #5: What has been the most rewarding moment in your business?

Andrea: ” The most rewarding part of my business has been the messages I receive from people who love both my page and my products. It makes everything I put in my business worth it. “

Question #6: What are your thoughts on a work-balanced life and how do you achieve it everyday?

Andrea: ” Sometimes it can be difficult to both work and have a life balance. I achieve it by Structuring my days. I would write up my plan for the next day before I sleep and make sure I plan it out properly so that I’m able to not only work but go to the gym and meet my friends. Planning is so important! “

Question #7: What is your definition of success?

Andrea: ” My definition of success is making a difference. It’s having a positive impact on those around me. It’s about creating something meaningful; it’s finding something I love and I’m happy doing. Doing something you’re passionate about whilst making a difference is true success. “

Question #8: What is some advice that you have for aspiring entrepreneurs who just don’t know where to start?

Andrea: ” Never give up! Consistency is so important especially when you’re starting up. Find something you’re passionate about so that when things don’t go your way, you don’t lose focus and give up. Starting isn’t going to be easy but remember success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.”

Rae’s Response to Andrea:

Hey Andrea! Thanks so much for taking part in our #hertalk feature. I chose you primarily for this because your content is just so fabulous and like said before it gives bad bitch vibes lol. No but seriously your content radiates boss babe vibes and I absolutely love Her Empire’s mission to inspire all women and make them believe that they can do anything they put their mind to. I also love how found balance in your life through structuring your day with planners and it’s amazing how that’s basically what jumpstarted your business. ( *cough cough, go shop her planners!) You’re one the content creators that I have looked up to when I first started and just seeing you become so successful has inspired me to keep going with building up my brand. So thank you, for being my inspiration Andrea ( I’m glad I finally know your name )! I know that your business is going to keep growing and prospering, I’m so excited for what Her Empire Lifestyle has in store for you.

Much love,


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