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We’re back with another #HerTalk to celebrate Women’s Month. Today we had the pleasure of speaking with Makenna Underwood, owner of the amazing Makenna’s Meditation. I discovered Makenna through my explore page, and after I saw what her page was about, I knew that I had to follow this girl. Makenna’s Meditation is a college blog that mixes lifestyle, beauty and embraces black culture. Makenna is also a college student attending Howard University ( Woohoo, go Bisons! ). Her helpful college tips, fashion, and semester check-ins are what makes her content stand out.

So let’s get know Makenna and inside the life of a college blogger :

Question: What sparked the idea of Makenna’s Mediation?

Makenna: ” The idea of Makenna’s Meditation goes back to summer 2020. It was a very stressful time as a young Black woman; watching people who looked like me being harmed all over the news put me in a really dark place. Not only did I feel anxious, I felt bad that all my peers at Howard were protesting, and I couldn’t do the same. That’s where Makenna’s Meditation came in. I wanted to provide a platform to uplift the people around me. “

Question: What do you hope your audience gains from your content?

Makenna: ” I hope my audience realizes that there’s nothing new under the sun. As a young woman, it can feel like my experiences are only exclusive to me, but I know that I’m not alone in my journey through adulthood, so I hope my audience gains that knowledge when they read my blog.”

Question: What is your typical day in the life as a college student?

Makenna: ” I usually get up around 8 AM and check my emails, make sure my blog posts are scheduled, and then get ready for classes. In between classes, I have time to share my posts on different platforms and interact with my followers. After classes, I do my homework, work on projects for classes, and then I batch create content for the next week or even month. I also might create content while I’m hanging in my friend’s dorm (quality time is important). “

Question: What’s the secret to managing both content creator life and college life?

Makenna: ” Honestly, I leave no room for negativity, bad friends, and energy-drainers. I prioritize what I think is important: school, my blog, good friends, and good experiences. I also tend to designate days for specific things. For example, I don’t do homework on Sundays so I have time to create content and schedule posts. “

Question: What has been the most rewarding part about creating your platform?

Makenna: ” Seeing people resonate with my content. It’s so amazing knowing that people not only care about what I say, but they also can relate to it. It doesn’t matter if two people or two hundred people can relate, it’s such a rewarding part knowing that they relate at all. “

Question: What is some advice you have for future college students? What do you wish you could tell your “high school senior” self?

Makenna: ” Pray every day and ask God for what you want and need. There will be times when you wonder how you’re going to make it out of this part in your life, and even if you can’t rely on people around you, you can always rely on God to get you out of sticky situations. “

Rae’s Message to Makenna:

Hey Makenna! I just want to first say thank you so much for doing this. I chose you for this feature because your content is really inspiring and very genuine. I feel that, especially since I’m going to college for the first time in the fall. In addition to that, you’re going to one of my dream colleges, living that D.C. life (which I hope is treating you well), and on top of that, I love that you are a blogger. I’m glad to hear that you’ve found a balance with both schoolwork and creating content, I’m still trying to find that rhythm, but I think I’ll find it soon! Overall, you’ve helped me see a new path with Her Vision as I transition from high school to college. Who knows, we may see each other on campus this fall! 👀

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