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Hey vision babes! Today we have a special post for you guys! In honor of Women’s Month, we have decided to do a special series dedicated to a couple amazing women who are out there changing the world and becoming boss babes!

We recently spoke with Khushi Gupta, the owner of the thriving Instagram account: Uniqueness in Everything. Khushi is a brilliant young content creator who has a passion for writing. She loves to showcase her talents through her own original poems, Instagram reels, YouTube, and finally, through her very own book! (WHICH YOU GUYS SHOULD DEFINITELY CHECK OUT!) Another thing about Khushi is that I was lucky enough to work alongside her. Last year, she participated in our internship and wrote for our blog. I can honestly say that she is a devoted, solid leader and very professional.

After having all that said, let’s learn more about Khushi and start of UIE:

Question: What sparked the idea of Uniqueness in Everything?

Khushi: Uniqueness in Everything was never planned for me; it was an unfortunate incident to randomly put my writings and it has been a beautiful journey till now. I never imagined in my life being a writer because pre-Covid, I was never a writer but turn of situations led me to writing quotes, poetries and eventually blogs. Uniqueness in Everything has been a piece of my heart from 2020 and I’m grateful for the support and love I have received on this platform. This accident has helped me to explore myself and help others to overcome their fears, problems and most of all, unbearable thoughts which we don’t talk about. “

Question: What do you hope your audience gains from your content?

Khushi: ” There’s a simple thing in my account; it revolves around hope. One of the inspiring things for me is that i have seen myself giving up hope and finding light again in my life which i never thought of but what went wrong was that i left hope. I want people to never feel alone, never self-hurt and never leave hope even in their wildest dreams. The content shared on my account is friendly and true for this world; when I share content, my heart always becomes happy because I know my one word might change someone’s life and help them. With that hope, I continue to create content to help people in every way I can because all we need in life is hope, shine, smile, laugh and a classy attitude to live up to ourselves, and no one’s expectations. “

Question: Where does the inspiration for your writing come from?

Khushi: ” My inspiration for writing is always from my personal experiences, accidents and traumas. Not only this, but sometimes even non-living things try to speak to me even though it sounds stupid, but I feel there are random things in my life which give me random running thoughts and then, I pour them into words. My source of inspiration is never-ending because the moment I entered the world of writing, I knew they’re going to be endless thoughts in my mind, and I just need a direction to pour them. I believe inspiration can be from anything to everything as I’ve even received it from dead flowers, streetlights, benches in parks, and many more things.”

What’s a typical day in the life for you?

Khushi: ” My typical day is not very interesting as I’m a high school student which involves a lot of pressure with assignments and homework. My day actually starts from 9am (IST) and ends at 2-3am (IST). It usually involves visiting school in the morning ending up with tuition classes in evening and landing on Netflix to binge watch and relax my nerves. At the end of the day, it’s usually about completing the assignments, making a schedule for the next day and making sure to write something or anything. I love writing at night and that’s the best part of my day as I’m alone at night and can be with my thoughts patiently. “

Question: What has been the most rewarding part about creating your platform?

Khushi: ” The most rewarding part of this platform is taking a first step. When I started UIE (Uniqueness in Everything), the most amazing part was that I got to pursue my creative ideas. One thing that I love about me is that I love to grow, and my mind is always full of ideas though I suffer a lot while executing them but those ideas that were in my head made me do everything out of comfort zone and the luckiest part is, I get to share it with my community, my highs, lows and a bag of surprise ideas. The thing that made me feel that I did something right was knowing that people love my words, being a writer, my doubts were never ending but sometimes, some sweet words from people kept me going and being better than before. “

Question: How do you manage both being a content creator and also a student?

Khushi: ” That question is as difficult as it seems. I am still suffering to manage these things hand by hand but luckily post-it notes have been helpful through this journey. This life that I’m living as a student was very unexpected and I was unaware about half of it which made it quite difficult to cope up but I’m not giving up. I’m trying my best to handle this and continue to do so, because struggling is always a good sign for me and I’m loving the way this all is kind of working out. “

Question: What is some advice you have for future content writers?

Khushi: ” My advice for all those content writers will be short and crisp: ‘ Be you, be yourself as you’re the luckiest gem of the world. Writing has its ups and down but always smile and keep your head high for those struggles. Writing comes best as a masterpiece when you write it with your heart. Write less; but make it effective, it should give people sensations and feelings when they read it. “

Rae’s Response to Khushi:

Ah, Khushi, my girl, can I just say how brave and remarkable you are for sharing your life experiences with both of our communities and me. I am deeply sorry for any traumatic or terrible experiences that you’ve endured, but I am happy that you’ve been able to work through it especially in a creative way. On a lighter note, I can definitely relate to being both a content creator and a student ( high school senior over here lol), it is undoubtedly more challenging than one can say, but at the end of the day, it brings me much joy as I’m sure it does to you. You have so much talent to offer the world, and I know you’re gonna do unspeakable things with your life. Thank you so much for joining our #HerTalk feature. I love working with you, and you’re more than welcome to come back and write for our blog anytime.

Much Love,


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