#HerTalk With SheBossier CEO Claire Wang


Claire Wang

We recently had the pleasure to speak with Claire Wang the founder of She Bossier. Claire is an expert when it comes to social media and Instagram growth. Her top-notch boss content keeps her constantly hitting the explore page and gaining a successful community of women entrepreneurs. So far Claire has helped many pages grow beyond what they had expected.

The Creation Of SheBossier

Claire: “My account was created with the intention of using as an escape, then I noticed that younger teens were monetizing, and I was amazed! So, I changed my name to She Bossier the moment I decided to monetize the account, because why not make it into a money-making machine!?”

The Story Behind SheBossier

Claire: “The story behind my business actually came to me when I was listening to Girl Boss radio. It was an old episode hosted by Sophia Amoruso and she’s well known for naming things! She’s such a creative person, I took a lot of inspiration from her since I found She Bossier! And now, every time I’m naming things, I always come back to her brands, studying and taking inspiration from her!”

SheBossier’s Mission

Claire: “She Bossier’s mission is to empower women to turn their business daydreams into reality. We advocate for female leadership and entrepreneurship!”

Her Thoughts On Work-Life Balance & How She Achieves It In Her Everyday Life

Claire: “I don’t believe in work life balance on a daily basis. I believe in harmony, there are just days that you prioritize your business more and days that you prioritize play more.”

Morning Routine

Claire: ” My morning routine starts with me waking up, opening my curtains, washing my face, brushing my teeth, icing my face and putting on some sunscreen. My sun cream smells so good and it just makes me feel rejuvenated in the morning! Then I journal, have breakfast and drink my vitamins before having an early morning stretch to start the day right. Then I start my work!”

Her Definition Of Success

Claire: “Success is freedom and happiness. You should be happy with what you’re doing and making money doing what you love! Also having all the healthy relationships in your life and living your life according to you.”

The Most Rewarding Moment In Business

Claire: “The most rewarding moment of my business is helping my students get the results they want and being told that I was their first choice while they were deciding on who would be their mentor.”

Advice For Aspiring Digital Creators & Entrepreneurs

Claire: “The advice I would give aspiring digital creators and entrepreneurs, is to use your gifts to stand out from the crowd. Stay true to yourself and always remember who tf you are when you are down. Journeys aren’t perfect, but dreams do come true.”

To find out more about Clair’s business and Instagram growth tips, follow her on Instagram where she posts daily. You can also check out her website and get her new ” Grow Your ‘Gram ” Ebook !

Website: www.shebossier.com

Instagram: @shebossier


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